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HomeKit : Triggering Scenes with Eve Button

In a world of home automation the need of a manual button system may appear like a step backwards. Surely the move to Homekit is all about voice control and auto-activation? The answer is obviously yes and although I can control all aspects of my Homekit installation via the app and Siri there are times when a little simplicity comes in handy.

Firstly, it isn’t always practical to carry your phone around the house so you can trigger an event. Secondly there are times when guests stay and rather than share your entire setup it’s very handy to program our scenes to the three states of the Eve Button.

Adding Eve Button to your Homekit Installation

Eve Button ships with a replaceable battery, pressing the button activates a little red LED on the front and the battery status is accessible via the Eve app. Adding the button to HomeKit is simple, a quick scan of the number on the back and the button is ready to go. Like other Homekit devices I was able to to assign the Eve Button to a specific room. Please note the Eve Button requires a home hub (AppleTV / HomePod / iPad).

The Three States of Eve Button

There are three key states of the Eve Button. A single press, a double press and finally a long press. All three can be programmed to call an action or scene and programming is available via the Eve and HomeKit mobile apps.

Easy to Program

In our main application of the Eve Button we have programmed the button to manage two bedroom lights. A single press turns on the main (Alprazolam Buy Cheap) bedroom light to 70% brightness . A double press of the remote then switches on the bedroom lamp to 50% while also turning off the main bedroom light. Finally, a long press turns off both lights.

Eve Button

This is a relatively simple automation but the double press demonstrates that you can control a range of activities at once, i.e. turning one light off when the other is activated. As the automations/scenes on your Homekit become more sophisticated you can program the Eve Button to call multiple scenes.

Programming and re-progamming the Button takes seconds. It is very easy to program different scenes and hand the remote to a visitor who may be staying in your home. It also should be noted that it doesn’t actually matter in which room the button in registered in the HomeKit app, the button can control any device or scene through the home.

The Eve app offers a little more power of programming power for the button however, at this stage of our journey the Homekit app offers everything we need.

Eve Button in Use

The Joy of Velcro

Although the Eve Button is like a mini remote it can be handy to have it wall mounted, especially when controlling lights. We have used large velcro dots to attach the button to a wall (and drawer unit, above) which ensures the button isn’t lost around the house and also allows for easy detachment if we move the button to another location.


On first glance you might consider the Elgato Button to be an expensive input device that shouldn’t fit in a world of automation. The fact remains in the Siri world there is still a need for manual activation.

Whether it be for casual visitor, the times when your phone is on charge or just plain ease of use a manual scene activator comes in very handy. The real power of the Eve Button is the fact it can trigger sophisticated scenes to control a range of devices across the home. I have quickly concluded one Eve Button isn’t enough.

Package Contains : Eve Button, Battery, Adhesive scene labels & quick start guide.


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