Monitor your Environment with Eve Room for HomeKit

In the digital world the ability to measure constantly changing analogue values still remains essential. Eve Room like its little brother Eve Degree offers sophisticated monitoring of the physical environment.

Where Eve Degree measures temperature, humidity and air pressure, Eve Room measures temperature, humidity and air quality. The Eve Room hardware device doesn’t feature a screen but the metrics are all accurately recorded via the Eve mobile app.

The screen shot below shows the metrics in the Eve App, graphs slide right to offer a view over time and rotating your phone allows for full screen mode.

Eve Room Data

Note, detailed metrics are only available via the Eve app but you can see the current status for air quality, temperature and humidity from the Homekit interface.

The screenshot below (from the Eve app) shows the temperature for the last 24 hours.

Eve Room Temperature

Even Room Air Quality

The air quality metric is a little bit special. The Eve Room device measures the level of VOCs in the air. VOCs or volitile organic compounds are releases by people (and pets) when they breathe, perspire or digest, it’s a gross thought but it happens.

Interestingly VOCs are also released from common items like carpet, paint, furniture, printers, perfumes, cleaning products, tobacco smoke and many other substances that in large quantities can be harmful.

Unlike CO2, some VOCs can cause eye irritation, headaches, tiredness and dizziness, all which are symptoms of a condition called “sick building syndrome“ and traditional CO2 sensors are unable to detect VOCs.

The Eve app displays current and historical measurements in ppm (parts per million). Values are displayed in different colors and divided into:

  • Excellent : (450-700 ppm).
  • Good (700-1100 ppm)
  • Acceptable (1100-1600 ppm)
  • Moderate (1600-2100 ppm)
  • Poor (above 2100 ppm).

The target is obviously good or excellent which will depending on the ventilation and number of people in the room.

eve room

HomeKit Alerts

You won’t want to periodically check the Eve app to ensure your room is offering a healthy environment for your family. With Apple HomeKit working alongside the Eve App you can trigger scenes based on any of the Eve Room metrics.

For example. I have created an alert that will turn on a Philips Hue Bulb bright red should the air quality fall into the inferior category. See below.


Eve Room Review

It is possible to create complex rules and triggers from the Eve app and these transfer directly to the Homekit interface. The Eve app is particularly powerful and I find myself exploring Eve controls considerably more than the Homekit interface. Eve nicely groups metrics by type so you can quickly see the temperatures across your Homekit network in one view. The image below shows temperature and humidity.

Eve App Preference

It is possible to move the location of the Eve Room via both the Eve and Homekit app. I found physically moving the device between rooms can create a spike in data but fortunately it is easy to remove historical data should you wish to do so.

The first generation Eve Room runs on 3 (supplied) AAA batteries and it is easy check the battery level directly from the Eve app.


When I initially looked at the Eve Room system for Homekit I was somewhat dubious of the need of an air quality meter as I expected the air quality in our modern build to report as excellent throughout. I was actually shocked to find how quickly air quality drops when there are three or four people in the room and equally how long it takes to recover.

I suspect I will be adding more automations using the Eve Room metrics in the weeks to come. As we head into winter when central heating systems and open fires burn it will be interesting to see the impact on air quality and just how many times that light turns red.


Note: Eve Room does not measure Carbon monoxide, a toxic gas produced by burning. Eve Room does not measure carbon monoxide, Special sensors and alarms are available for this purpose.

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