Review : Eve Degree for Homekit

I first discovered the team behind Eve when I bought my first Apple Mac computer solely on the back of seeing an Elgato TV device in action. Fifteen years on and the company has excelled in the areas of digital video, digital game recording, storage, connectivity and most recently the world of home automation with the Eve range of devices.

Eve Degree was my first step into the world of automation, metrics and Apple Homekit. This tiny environment monitor can be used internally to record the key metrics of a room such as air pressure, temperature and humidity. The device comes with a large, easily readable LCD screen and also periodically reporting data back to the Eve App, more on this later.

Eve Degree is IPX3 weather resistant and last week I installed it in a reasonably sheltered spot in my garden so it can work as a mini weather station. Although the Degree has a key hole on the back to screw mount one tip is to use velcro stickers to attach the Eve Degree to a clean smooth surface as this allows easy access for changing the battery later down the line without holes in your wall.


Installing the Eve Degree involves the same process as for other Homekit devices. It took a few seconds to scan the Homekit ID on the base of the device and the Eve instantly started to report data to the Eve App on my iPhone. Eve Degree uses Bluetooth low energy technology so offers reliable operation independently of bridges.

The Eve app for iPhone offers a range of reports and graphs and works in tandem with all the other homekit devices on your network. The Eve app works alongside the Homekit application and I have found I tend to use Eve more than Homekit even for control and automation. The graphs below recorded a thunderstorm and there is the option to view hour, day, week and month views.

Eve Degree

With the Eve app I  can look at the garden weather metrics both by device or metric view. I can view all the temperature recording devices in my Homekit installation or I can focus in on what’s happening in the garden. Clicking ‘Eve Degree’ in the Garden ‘room’ I am able to see Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure over time. The graphs are expandable and slidable for more detail.

In homekit the view is a little more simplified and I can view the temperature and humidity at that particular instant, see the screenshot below. Although this is useful the real power comes via the Eve App.


Eve Degree Homekit


Triggers & Automation

The Eve Degree has the appearance of a simple little device that just monitors three environment metrics but it’s deceptively powerful. Eve allows you to trigger scenes based on any of the measurable metrics, for example you can trigger a scene if the humidity reaches 90% or if the temperature reaches a low or high level. Triggers are limited to Homekit automations although I would love it could send notifications when conditions are met.

Elgato Eve Degree Automation

The options are in abundance, for example you could use Eve Degree in a room alongside Eve Energy to trigger a fan if the temperature reaches a certain level or if you have the Eve thermostat valves it could turn off the heating in a room. I am currently looking at an automation for triggering a garden watering system after a period of hot weather all thanks to the Eve app.

Thanks to Siri and the AppleTV home hub I can actually ask about the temperature, humidity and air pressure in my garden without even being there. I can’t think when and why I would need to know this but the I fact remains if I ever need to, I can!

I love the fact that Eve has focused on integration with the Apple Homekit environment., With Homekit data is end-to-end encrypted and only stored on your iPhone or iPad. The use of low energy bluetooth ensures excellent battery life even when located outside in the cold.

I suspect the more I interact with the Eve Degree I will find more automation and applications but if you love metrics and being able to trigger events based on the environment you will love Eve Degree.



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