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Triggering Homekit Scenes and Actions with Eve Motion

Every logical system involves a process triggered by a condition or input device. Whether the input is an analogue metric logged from Alprazolam Buy Cheap / Online Doctor Consultation Prescription Xanax or a digital action from the likes of How To Get Alprazolam Online automations always needs a starting trigger. My move to the realm of home automation is driven by a desire for home efficiency both in terms of practical and financial advantage.

Buying Xanax In Koh Samui, Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa

Over the next twelve months I am investigating just how much smart systems can save on home resources. It’s a quest to see if small changes to the likes of lighting and heat can have any real financial benefit over the course of a year. For example, it’s not uncommon to arrive home to find one or two light bulbs have been left burning for 10 hours and although a 60 watt bulb only costs pennies to light those pennies add up.

For the last decade we have left a light on at the top of the stairs  (just in case anyone is up in the middle of the night). Thanks to the brilliant Eve Motion a very simple HomeKit set up means if the light now only has be on for two or three minutes. Placing the Eve Motion on the wall (facing down the hall) offers maximum coverage of the area, as soon as someone enters the landing Eve triggers acknowledges the activity.

Eve Motion & Homekit

It really couldn’t be easier to setup and have Eve Motion trigger a scene. In just a few seconds I had Eve Motion triggering a Can You Buy Xanax In Stores for three minutes but only during the hours of darkness. I really love the fact that HomeKit allows you to select ‘night time’ and that it smart enough to adjusts according to the sunset and sunrise time of that location.

Eve Motion Philips Hue

Eve Motion : Simple yet Sophisticated

Like all the Eve devices on the surface the Eve Motion appears to be a simple input device but under the hood there is a fair bit of customisation available. Obviously Eve Motion can trigger complicated HomeKit scenes and actions but the Eve app allows you to fine tune the Motion settings including notifications. The Eve app even allows you to define how sensitive the device is to motion activity.

Eve Motion allows you to trigger rules to automate accessories depending upon your conditions. Motion can automatically activate your “I’m home” scene in which your connected heating is activated and your lights are turns on if it is after sunset. Conversely you can have Eve Motion turn everything off if there is no motion in a room for a set duration of time.

eve motion

HomeKit Alerts

The Eve Motion offers a range of different options. After a few weeks of use I realised I could get the Motion to notify me if it senses motion and no one was home. Yes, that probably means I am being burgled but at least I can activate all the lights or record on an internal camera as a deterrent… of sorts.

The Eve app also allows you to check on the Eve Motion battery level, I am hoping the app will also alert me when it comes to change the batteries, time will tell.  As you can see from the screenshot I have deactivated the LED on the front. This is simply down to personal preference rather than an attempt to save on battery. The Eve app offers historical metrics in the form of a timeline and a record of the duration of each trigger.

Eve Motion

In Conclusion

The Eve Motion may not have the sleek black appearance of the other Eve devices but perhaps its plain appearance helps it disappear into the background. A number of family members couldn’t find it when I explained the landing light was triggered by a motion sensor.

The Eve Motion is a sophisticated trigger offering a wide range of applications. I will certainly be investing in another two devices in the near feature. One will trigger lights and another will silently alert family members of movement in the garage.

Like the rest of the Eve product line Eve Motion is equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology that ensures reliable operation independently of bridges. Setup is really quick and easy with minimal energy consumption, the Eve Motion response time is also very impressive. If you are using the Eve Motion in a creative way, why not post in the comments below.


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