How to Sync Apple Watch Activities to Strava

There is no questioning the popularity of Strava among running and cycling communities. The ability to share actives with friends, reach goals and improve on segments make Strava an important post activity pastime. The Strava is so popular that many of the main wearable manufactures provide direct integration for synchronising from their platform to Strava. Fitbit, Sunto and Garmin offer direct transfer to a user’s Strava account the one omission is Apple.

The Apple Watch

The fourth generation Apple Watch is becoming an established fitness and training device. Although a dedicated Strava app is available for the Apple Watch there is no direct communication from the Activities app to the Strava platform. Some users be quick to point out that you can synchronise some data via HealthKit but the big omission in this is the all important GPS mapping information.

Meet HealthFit

Fortunately a low-cost application (£2.99) aptly entitled ‘HealthFit’ comes to the rescue. HealthFit integrates with HealthKit on iPhone creating .fit files for your Apple Activities. The application can be linked and integrated into range of services (including Strava) very easily. The app also offers the ability to store each .fit file in your iCloud Drive or Dropbox account.


Linking HealthFit with Strava takes a few minutes. In settings click the Strava icon and the app will load the Strava website. Log in to Strava and give permission for HealthFit to access your account and future activities will start to appear on Strava.

You can set all activities to automatically upload or select a specific type of activity to transfer. This selective automation is really handy for setting runs to be automatically transfer while leaving walks in the Activities app.

Healthfit isn’t just a conduit to other platforms it also offers the ability to view your HealthKit information in summary format. This includes hydration, heart and nutritional metrics.


I have been using HealthFit over the last few weeks without issue. It’s reassuring to see a HealthFit and Strava notification appearing on my phone a few minutes after I complete a run. All the essential metrics are transferred across to Strava without issue and within a few minutes the kudos begin to start rolling in.

If you have any questions or advice on getting the most from the Apple Watch and Strava please post below.


HealthFit on the Apple App Store

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